The Information Security Office, under the authority of the Chief Information Security Officer, is the department with primary oversight for protecting information at New Mexico State University. The Information Security Office promotes security related training and awareness programs, monitors university systems, and assesses and audits university owned computers. Data security is everyone’s responsibility!


Don't need it? Delete it! Cleaning and removing unnecessary data regularly from your devices prevents hackers from stealing your personal and private information. For more information, search for "permanently delete files on my computer" in your favorite search engine.


An NMSU General User Account password must:

•   Be 17 to 64 characters in length
•   Not be reused
•   Expire every two years (730 days)

For more information, view ARP 15.51 – NMSU Account Password Requirements



Due to the recent Facebook data scandal, here are a few guides for managing Facebook account privacy:

How To Change Your Facebook Settings To Opt Out Of Platform API Sharing

How To Use Facebook While Giving It The Minimum Amount Of Personal Data

How To Protect Your Facebook Privacy – Or Delete Yourself Completely

How To Delete Your Facebook Account

How To Delete, Disable, Or Limit Your Facebook Account

How To Delete Your Facebook Account And Reclaim Your Data



Computer and Data Security Presentation 2017

Keeping Your Data Safe



If you experience a security problem such as spam, e-mail abuse, or phishing attacks:

E-mail the Abuse Office:


If you experience a security event that was sent from a NMSU network connection or website, possible copyright infringement, or network intrusion:

•   E-mail the Information Security Office:
•   Call (575) 646-5788 or (575) 646-5789


If you experience a software or computer issue, including network connection problems, Canvas and myNMSU problems:

•   E-mail the NMSU ICT Help Desk:
•   Call (575) 646-1840


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